for Brian Cretney


  • Eleanor M. Johnson Elementary Teacher Award Nominee
  • ETFO Writers Award Nominee
  • 2-time Storytelling World Honor Award
  • 2013 Shining Willow Award Nominee (Saskatchewan’s version of “Blue Spruce”)

Member of:

From the Kids

I love your special book so much. I like you, Mr. Cretney. I like your voice with expression. –Gemma

My favourite part of your story was listening to you. –Marley

I like your songs. I liked the guitar. I wish you can come back. –Alexis

Wow! Mr. Cretney, you are a great artist. Good job! –Kimberly

I really appreciate your story. That was very nice when we get to say some parts of the story. The song story was fun. –Vanessa

From the Teachers

Thank you sincerely for giving so much of yourself to us all…We appreciate the extras such as your time and the artistic follow-up activities. We loved hearing your songs, your story and viewing your fabulous illustrations. You are a rising star in the literacy world and this is just the beginning for you!
–Patti Moore, Teacher and School Coordinator for Family Literacy Day

Teachers and children were thrilled to have you come and present your book…Your book, Last in Line, truly shows how “it is better to give than to receive.”
–Edith Kamada, Grade One Teacher

I can’t recommend Brian highly enough. He went the extra mile, spending time with small groups of kids as well as doing presentations using technology, audience interaction and hands-on activities. His Teacher’s Resource Book that supplements Last in Line is absolutely jammed with relevant, curriculum-based lessons and ideas that can be used before and/or after his visit. Kids loved the drawing lesson and the illustrations he created during his “Illustration Station”. His book is never in the library–someone is always waiting to borrow it!
–Valerie Bureau, Teacher/Librarian, Courtland Public School

From the Administrators

Thank you so much for starring in our Young Author’s Day and giving so many resources to our staff.
–Marilyn Snedden, Principal

He is a role model by his kind deeds and words…Brian’s kind mannerisms and unlimited patience shows each child how much they are valued. I believe his teaching skills are excellent and he has a natural inclination to teach…The best compliment I can give is to say that I would dearly love to have any of my own family members in his classroom.
–Beverly Beamer, Professor, Niagara College

Brian is sought out by parents, staff and Board Curriculum Staff to lead/demonstrate his skills in writing children’s literature and methods of teaching this within the classroom. Brian is able to quickly advance emergent readers to successful readers…by employing the skills, discipline and love of letters, words and stories that children desire. Mr. Cretney is way beyond an effective teacher. He is the type of individual that you dream to have your children taught by. Dedicated, skillful, energetic and just plain fun, Brian is a shining example to… young boys in the importance of reading, writing and the love of literature something that boys often shy away from…
–Alex Bradnam, Principal, E. W. Farr Memorial School

From the Parents

Brian’s effectiveness as a teacher is demonstrated by the respect and admiration he receives from his students. His passion for the well-being of children is seen in his ability to engage these young students in learning to their fullest potential. His talent as a teacher is diverse; he encourages students to explore all avenues of learning through books, music and [the arts]. How fortunate are all of the children educated by Mr. Brian Cretney.
–Jacqueline Glenney, Parent, SAC Chair, E. W. Farr Memorial School, Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Brock University

Brian has taught three of my children and, each time, I am amazed that he can find ways to become even better. I got to watch him in action and have compared the experience to watching a great major league pitcher throw a perfect game…He is the kind of teacher every student should have at least once (and preferably more than once) in his or her academic career. His passion for learning and his commitment to teaching exposes the students to, not just the skeleton of reading, but also to the heart and soul of reading.
–Paul Paterson, Parent, Secondary School Teacher

From the Community

You helped make [Kids Arts Day] one of Welland’s best family events and your participation was a great gift to the community.
–Carole Bender, for the Kids Arts Day Committee